We want to make the Tarifa
we dream of living in a reality

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We are a community of Tarifa residents who firmly believe that our city deserves a future brimming with hope, effective management, and tangible progress. With a purely localist sentiment and no political agenda, our group comprises passionate men and women who share a common vision.

We come with no strings attached, no ties to political bosses in Seville or Madrid. We are not politicians. Rather, we are committed to advocating for complete transparency within the Tarifa City Council – this is not just a promise, but a pledge we intend to keep

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Who is Benítez?

Benitez – a born-and-raised Tarifan – is the embodiment of a true public servant. With a diverse background in Civil Protection, Guardia Civil, and Local Police, he is set to graduate with a law degree this May.

His legacy as a Local Police officer is one of dedication and a compelling story.

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We have to do something…

As concerned citizens, we cannot turn a blind eye to the problems that have persisted in our community for far too long. It is time to come together and take action towards finding solutions, so that we may create a brighter and more prosperous future for our city.