Who is Benitez?


Benitez – a born-and-raised Tarifan – is the embodiment of a true public servant. With a diverse background in Civil Protection, Guardia Civil, and Local Police, he is set to graduate with a law degree this May.

His legacy as a Local Police officer is one of dedication and a compelling story. Despite his untarnished reputation, Benitez was forced to leave the Tarifa Local Police force for upholding his honesty when he fined a councilman. This led to the intervention of the mayor at the time, and the issue was taken to court, where it was tried and sentenced. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.

In 2022, Benitez was the president of ADECA, an association for the defense of Tarifa citizens, where he successfully launched a free job portal for small businesses and workers in Tarifa. He also offered 12 official and free courses for hospitality training and spearheaded a campaign called “Come, register, if Tarifa is your home, Tarifa needs you” in four languages.

Benitez is now fully focused on his project for Tarifa, surrounded by a team of highly skilled professionals who share his deep love for Tarifa. This team of experts includes lawyers, economists, doctors, bartenders, entrepreneurs, and self-employed workers.

“We believe it’s time for a discussion to identify and implement concrete solutions. Our vision is not driven by ideology, but rather by our commitment to Tarifa – its management, work ethic, and efficiency. We want to create a future filled with enthusiasm, and make our dreams of living in Tarifa a reality.” – Benitez

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